TPU10 Nonionic polyurethane dispersant for inorganic and organic pigments Composition Modified polyurethane copolymer Data Active ingredients Solvent Butyl Glycol Density


TS2 Zwitterionic dispersing agent Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-born coatings, adhesives and ambient curing resin systems Product Data


TW1 00 Wetting and Dispersing Agent Wetting and Dispersing additive to improve the Wetting of pigment Composition Hyper Branch Polyester


TLA1 Dispersing Agent For Water Based Systems TYPICAL ANALYSIS Nature: Polyacrylate sodium salt Appearance (20 C): Blue – green aqueous


Composition:  Polyether Polyester Graft Copolymers Data Active ingredients : 100% Solvents : Ethyl acetate and acetone Density at 20 C:


TD101 Wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne and solvent-free liquid coatings, printing inks, pigment concentrates and suitable for stabilizing carbon


TPO Wetting, Dispersing, Anti settling, Anti flooding, Anti Floating, Gloss Enhancing Agent Composition Nonionic Glycol ester polymeric dispersant TPO is


TD65 Wetting  and dispersing additive  for stabilizing organic and inorganic pigments in  aqueous coatings, pigment concentrates. Composition Nonionic alkyl/aryl polyether


Silicone Defoamer This milky white emulsion is prepared at our premises using high grade quality ingredients and as per  the industry standards .We offer this in varied packaging options and quantities to meet the exact application demands. Known for its precise pH value, accurate composition and  is widely used in various chemical syntheses.


Antifoam  Polyol Fatty Acid  Ester We have been able to manufacture and supply premium quality range of Antifoam -polyol Fatty Acid Ester. This Amber to Brown Liquid is prepared at our sophisticate product1on unit in compliance with the industry standards. Formulated using high grade ingredients, it is known for accurate composition, precise pH value and purity. We also offer these antifoam Polyol fatty Acid Ester in quality packaging , different quantities and at market leading prices.