Dispersing Agent For Water Based Systems


Nature: Polyacrylate sodium salt

Appearance (20 C): Blue – green aqueous solution

Solids content (%): 40

Ph. (20C): 7

Density (20 C): 1.16

Compatibility: Compatible with most extenders, pigments and polymer emulsions.


TLA1 must be present during pigment and extender dispersion and should, therefore, be added before these products are blended in.The addition level is determined by plotting the graph of the viscosity of the dispersion in water, versus the amount of dispersant added. The level of dispersant corresponding to the the total weight of the pigments and fillers in a pH range of 7 . 5 to 9 . 5. Besides dispersion paints, the main application for A40 are in adhesives and wall paper pastes 


  • Liquid product ready to use , easy to handle Low level of addition
  • High efficiency for dispersion of mineral pigments and extenders, and consequently low grinding time required
  • Very good stability of the manufactured product, in particular excellent viscosity stability
  • No foaming is encountered with TLA1


TLA1 should be protected from the effects of weathering and stored between 5 and 40 C Once opened, packaging should be resealed immediately after use. In these conditions, products should be used within 6 months after opening. A small decrease in PH maybe observed : it can be corrected by adding small quantities of ammonium hydroxide.


  • 220 liters drums
  • liters containers – Bulk
    HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL DATA Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet