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Red 48:1, TR1100

Pigment red 48:1 C.I NO. : 15865:1 PR.48:1 is a BONA lake type pigment with light yellowish to medium red shades. With high color Strength and good heat resistance, they can be used in prnting inks, paints and plastics applications.

Lake Red c 53:1, TR1530

Pigment: red 53:1 PR.53:1 is a beta-naphtol lake type with yellowish red shade  and extensive use in printing ink industry. good overal fastness properties and heat resisatnce makes it suitable for paints and plastics applications.    

Red 48:2, TR1110

Pigment red 48:2 C.I NO. : 15865:2 PR.48:2 is a BONA lake type pigment with bluish red shades. Good overall fastness properties  and high color strength makes them highly economical and suitable in most applications.

Red 3, TR1400

Pigment red 49:1 C.I NO. : 12120 PR.49:1 is a beta-naphtol Barium lake type pigment. Areas of application include printing inks and paints.

Red 48:4, TR1120

Pigment red 48:4 C.I NO. : 15865.3 PR.48:4 is a BONA lake type, affords red shades yellower than PR.48:2. They are used in a variety Of applications especially in paint industry to produce opaque red shades.

Yellow 12, TY12

Pigment Yellow 12 C.I NO. : 21090 PY.12 is a commercially important diarylide pigment with medium yellow hue.Main applications are in offset, gravure and flexographic printing inks.

Red 170, TR1170

Fast Red F3RK C.I NO. : Pigment  Red 170 PR.170 is a naphtol AS type pigment that provides medium shades of red. with Excellent fastness properties it is used to make high grade industrial paints.

Yellow 13, TY13

Pigment Yellow 13 C.I NO. : 21100 PY.13 is a medium yellow hue diarylide pigment with high color strength and good Overall fastness properties. It is suitable for inks and plastics applications with processing temperatures below 200°C  

Red 57:1, TR1510

Pigment red 57:1 C.I NO. : 15850:1 PR.57:1 is a BONA lake type pigment with exceptional color strength and dispersibilty.It can be used In a variety of applications most notably in printing inks.

Yellow 14, TY14

Pigment Yellow 14 PY.14 is a diarylide pigment with greenish yellow hue.They are used in packaging and  textiles printing inks in large volume.

Solvent Red 24, TR1600

24 Red Solvent 26105. : No. I. C Scarlet oil Solvent dye. It is compatible with PS ,ABS, HIPS, PMMA, PVC and SAN. It has good-heat and light resistance and strong coloring power, and its color is bright. Used in transparent paints and printing ink.    

Yellow 191, TY191

Pigment Yellow 191 C.I NO. : 18795 Y.191 is a high performance pigment with reddish yellow hue. High thermal stability makes it Suitable for plastics applications and a good replacement for inorganic chrome yellow pigments.