TW1 00

Wetting and Dispersing Agent

Wetting and Dispersing additive to improve the Wetting of pigment


Hyper Branch Polyester / Polyether Amphiphilic Copolymer


Active ingredients :100%

Solvents : Methylethyl ketone

Density at 20 C: 0.93 – 0.95 g/ m3 DIN 571757

Flashpoint : 42 C ISO 3679

Acid value : 4 – 6 mg KOH/g DIN 53402

Appearance :Transparent Yellow liquid

TW100 is additive for pigment dispersion . It reduces the interfacial tension between pigment or extenders and the vehicle. This means :

  • Reduced dispersion time
  • Stabilization of the pigment dispersion
  • Decreased pigment sedimentation
  • Increased gloss and improved flow
  • Reduced tendency flooding and floating
  • Reduced tendency of orange – peel


TW100 is ideal for dispersing organophilic Bentonites. Because it reduced dispersion time, improves the storage properties the final paste and gives a thixotropic, easily processed paste – product. The pot-life of two-pack systems is not affected paste-product. The pot-life of 2-pack systems is not affected. In the dispersion of organically treated Bentonites, the use of TW100 offers the following advantages:

  • Shorter dispersion time
  • Easier handling of the Bentonite gel
  • Improved storage stability

TW100 Is especially suitable for non-polar to medium – polar Bindersystems,I.e.air-driedalkyd resins,chlorinated polymers, alkyd resin combinations and epoxies. TW100 is especially suited for medium to high-polarity binder systems, for example.

  • Epoxy coating systems (2-pack )
  • Acrylic coating systems Chlorinated polymers
  • Nitrocellulose systems

TW100 is suitable e for use in low or high-polarity solvent systems as well water-based coatings. It improves the color acceptance of tinting bases in white latex paints, resulting in higher pigment efficiency. 



0.1-02.0% based on inorganic pigments

1.0 – 5.0% based on organic pigments

For Bentonite gels use 15-35% on the Bentonites


When used -in mill-bases ,add before grinding. In Bentonite dispersions use as follows:

85-87 parts of solvent

10 parts of Bentoinite

3 – 5 parts of LCP15


TW100 should be added prior to the dispersion process


TW100 should be stored in a cool dry place. When kept in an original unopened container , it will keep up to 5 years from the date of manufacture. The expiry date is indicated on the container.