Polyether Polyester Graft Copolymers


Active ingredients : 100%

Solvents : Ethyl acetate and acetone

Density at 20 C: 0.95 – 0.98g/cm3 DIN 571757

Flashpoint : 24 C ISO 3679

Acid value : 10-14 mg KOH/g DIN 53402


TD1 1 is polymeric dispersant with significant higher molecular weight compared for stabilizing inorganic and organic pigments. It shows a wide compatibility, from low polarity to high polarity systems .This gives better

Deflocculation of organic pigments. This results in : 

• Improved gloss and DOI

• Reduced flooding problems

• Higher colour strength

Pigment concentrates based on TD1 1 with alkyd resins give the following advantages :

  • Wide compatibility range from NC – systems to long oil alkyd systems
  • Easy incorporation in the let – down stage
  • Strong resistance to binder and solvent shock
  • Long-term, Deflocculation stability
  • Long-term, Deflocculation stability
  • No flooding problems in the finished paint