Wetting, Dispersing, Anti settling, Anti flooding, Anti Floating, Gloss Enhancing Agent


Nonionic Glycol ester polymeric dispersant

TPO is a multi-functional coating additive and highly recommended for dry dispersing paints & ink.TPO can be used for combination pigment systems, cement paints and dry disperser. Because of its super wetting power, it gives moderate Anti-settling properties.

TPO is an excellent wetting and dispersing agent. Generally 0.25 -2% on the weight of pigments is sufficient for rapid dispensability. In composite systems like grey paint (carbon black, titanium dioxide. Yellow oxide, blue), it is generally observed on storage, black and blue strainers float on the top, due to separation. Use of TPO greatly reduces these problems. Because of its suspending power, it is able to hold composite pigments without much separation. TPO can be used successfully in N.0 paints, Epoxy Paints, Liquid Inks & all types of oil paints.


Typical Properties

AppearanceClear Liquid
Active content100%
Specific Gravity1.02 @ 25°C
pH6-7 (1% in IPA : water)
Melting Point-2°C
Boling Point>260°C
Viscosity95 cSt @ 40°C
Solubility in waterSlightly soluble
Acid value7 mg KOH/g
Density @20°C1.09 g/ml
OH Value 94 mg KOH/g