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Zinc Phosphate, (ZP)

Pigment : White 32 C.I NO. : 77964 Descriptions: ZP is an easy dispersing, white powder, non-toxic zinc phosphate tetrahydrate - based product with excellent outdoor durability for anticorrosive coatings. Applications: ZP is recommended for use in a wide range of resin systems, various solvent-based and water-based (reactive or non-reactive), air dry and baking systems. Areas of use include primers for automotive and aircraft metals, weldable steel coatings, coil coatings and other industrial applications.

Zinc Chromate Yellow, (ZC)

Pigment : Yellow 36 C.I NO. : 77955 Descriptions: ZC is an extra fine, fully micronized chromate-based product with excellent outdoor durability.   Applications: ZC is recommended for all types of primers including alkyds and epoxy anticorrosive coatings.