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Yellow 14, TY14

Pigment Yellow 14 PY.14 is a diarylide pigment with greenish yellow hue.They are used in packaging and  textiles printing inks in large volume.

Solvent Red 24, TR1600

24 Red Solvent 26105. : No. I. C Scarlet oil Solvent dye. It is compatible with PS ,ABS, HIPS, PMMA, PVC and SAN. It has good-heat and light resistance and strong coloring power, and its color is bright. Used in transparent paints and printing ink.    

Yellow 191, TY191

Pigment Yellow 191 C.I NO. : 18795 Y.191 is a high performance pigment with reddish yellow hue. High thermal stability makes it Suitable for plastics applications and a good replacement for inorganic chrome yellow pigments.